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Finally, I have done something I planned a long time ago, that is to publish a free fantasy story at smashwords. Frankly, I don’t know why I delayed this publication for so long. The actual formatting and publishing process took little time and effort. I had to format the book according to smashwords specification and that took a mere three hours, or perhaps even less. The publication process took an hour. Now, Serpentine love, a fantasy romance, is available for download at smashwords.

Here is a look at the cover.


Serpentine Love Blurb:

Maya has the heredity gift of being able to shape-shift into a snake. She is an Inagimi. Arya is a wizard who has arrived on earth from an alternate magical world. Under contract with Archan, a powerful and greedy wizard, he seeks an Inagimi so that Archan may use it to seek immortality, a gift only an Inagimi can bestow on a human. If Arya doesn’t fulfill his contract, Archan will kill him. If Maya reveals her identity, Archan will sacrifice her in his quest for eternal life. For Maya and Arya, a future together is not possible. The Goddess has, however, other plans for them, for they fall in love and battle all odds to seek an existence together.

Serpentine love is available for a free download at Smashwords in all formats, such as epub, pdf, kindle (mobi) and all else.

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