Books update

So here is an update of what I am up to:

I finally got the time to revise Serpentine Love, a free romance, paranormal/fantasy story. It’s still not free on Amazon, but you can download it from Kobo, nook, and smashwords. It was rejected by iBookstore earlier because of a stray Amazon link that was embedded inside the text, but the revised version should  make it through soon.

The Black Orb is available at Kobo. Hopefully, it will be available soon in Nook and Apple stores also. It’s already up on smashwords.

I am working on the chapter outlines for the third book in the series The Power of Three as well as a new paranormal/fantasy romance series. The original concept for this series is brilliant, and I am not sure if I will write that first or the third book in The Power of Three.

In the meantime, I am off for a family vacation, and I will start working once I come back. If you wish to remain informed about my new books, please sign in the for newsletter.

Take care, and happy reading!

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