How to choose a digital publisher? – Part 3

This post is for authors and unpublished aspiring writers who are trying to submit their manuscripts to a digital publisher. You can read part 1 and part 2 of how to choose a digital publisher and then, here are a few extra tips:

1)      Check the publisher website to see how they are pricing their books in comparison to other digital publishers. Everyone has a different system and publishers do not reveal their pricing strategy, but if you make a comparison according to word count, you will get an idea of which publishers are pricing their books the lowest. You don’t want too low… (not 0.99$ for a 60,000 word novel) because then you will be better off self-publishing (due to a higher royalty rate)… but you don’t want too high also. Highly priced books by new authors don’t sell.

2)      See the kind of promotion the publisher is doing on their website. Do they have an active blog? Twitter account?

3)      Click on one book and see if their recommendation page pops up. Ideally, they should direct the customer who buys one book towards other similar authors to increase sales. This is similar to Amazon’s “people who bought this also bought” bar.

4)      Notice their book covers. Do you like them? Are they attractive? Do they represent the book well?

5)      Lastly, buy at least one book in your genre and read it to check the editing.

Byline: Sabine A. Reed is the author of The Black Orb, a fantasy novella published by Uncial Press (a digital publisher). It’s high fantasy and the protagonist is a cunning and beautiful thief who will do anything to make a buck. You can read the first chapter for free.


One Response to “How to choose a digital publisher? – Part 3”

  1. Sabine says:

    Pick a niche…something you would want to write about. Choose a topic and stick to it. You will build a loyal reading community if only you focus on them and their needs. Most writers write about random unrelated stuff – but people who follow blogs usually look for a certain topic about which they want to read about on a regular basis.

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