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Self-publishing may be a fast and accessible option for so many new writers, but I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of digital publishers who are doing a fantastic job selling e-books through various online retailers, including Amazon, as well from their websites. Some of the publishers on the list also take out print books, but in the world of digital publishing, their books have been seen on best-selling lists of online retailers, such as fictionwise.

Since my first e-novella The Black Orb was published by Uncial Press, I’m going to start the list with them, and move on to others. This is not a complete list but is meant to provide an author looking to submit his/her manuscript to digital publishers with a starting point. You can read one of my earlier posts What your online Publisher will do for you to get an idea of the services they provide for their authors.

Uncial Press: Digital only publisher. They have a good reputation, especially in terms of giving a fair contract to their authors, and the editor Judith is a dream to work with.

E-reads: Accepts only previously published commercial fiction but the rights should be with the author.

Imajin Books – Mostly e-books. They accept young adult adventure/suspense/paranormal, mystery/suspense, vampire, paranormal and horror. Word count from 50,000 t0 150,000.

Lyrical Press – Looking for erotica and romance

Resplendence Publishing – They accept romance of various word counts.

Loose Id – Erotic romance and all its sub-genres are accepted.

Amber Quill Press – Erotic romance and GLBT but by invitation only.

Changeling Press – Erotic fiction and romance with heat.

eXtacy Ebooks – They have different lines for romance with heat and YA and Children books.

Highland Press – No erotica. Interested in Christian, Inspirational and family stories.

Whiskey Creek Press – e-books and paperbacks. They are open for submissions in all genres.

Mundania Press – For the past one year, they have been closed for submission.

Samhain Publishing – Romance and Horror Lines.

Excessica Publishing – Closed for submission in 2011

TTA Press – No submission guidelines on the website but they have a contact form for submissions.

Renaissance Ebooks – Accepts erotica in all genres such as fantasy, science fiction, etc. e-books only.

Red Rose Publishing – They accept interracial, multi-cultured, holiday themed, gothic and horror.

Carina Press – Harlequin’s digital imprint. Accepts almost all genres except literary fiction, young adult, inspirational stories and women’s fiction and family sagas.

Cobblestone Press – sensual and erotic romance novels and short stories.

The Wild Rose press – only romance. – All genres, except for small children and non-fiction

Torquere Press – Focuses on GLBT romance exclusively.

Synergbooks – Accept all genres, except erotica.

Calderwoods Books – closed for submission when checked in December 2011 but may reopen. They do  accept previously published books.

Some publishers of e-books are missing from this list because I came across a few complaints against them by authors, but by no means have I completely checked these publishers. If you are planning to submit to them, I recommend you do a complete research before submission.

Also, do check out my author interview at Rai29BookReadNReview Blog. If you are an author, looking for reviews for your published book, guest posts or author interview, it’s good blog to explore.

UPDATE: A fellow Good Reads author has recommended Books To Go Now, her publisher of e-books. They are accepting short stories, but seem to be confused about the word count (they have given two different word counts which they are accepting). Might be a good bet for short stories and novellas.


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2 Responses to “List of Digital Publishers”

  1. Heidi says:

    Very informative Sabine you should share this with the members of the Creative Reviews group on Goodreads there are so many authors on there looking for help. I also read a great blog with a full article by C.S. Splitter you should check it out.

  2. Sabine says:

    Good idea. Thanks Heidi. I will share it at goodreads.

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