The Demon Mages, Book 1 of The Power of Three Series

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So I just realized that I lost all old posts related to my fantasy ebook The Demon Mages, book 1 in The Power of Three Series. In case you missed seeing the amazing cover on the sidebar, here is it:

The Demon Mages

The cover was designed by LFD Designs.

Here is the blurb of the book. You can buy it on Amazon UK and Amazon USA. It’s only available on kindle right now. I have got some fantastic reviews of the book on Amazon kindle USA.

The Demon Mages

Magic born from the elements, a reluctant heroine, mages, demons, prophecies, a political plot to murder a king and the world at the brink of a major upheaval. And in the midst of all this, a sister’s quest to save her brother’s life.Living on the peaceful island Iram, Zo knows little of the troubles brewing on the mainland. But when her brother Seve is poisoned, and her twin sister Alicia halts his slow but fateful progress towards death with an ancient binding spell, thereby subjecting herself to the same horrific death, Zo has no choice but to travel to the mainland to procure the flower of rosem, a crucial ingredient in the antidote for the poison. 

What she doesn’t know is that king Vindha on the mainland has threatened the fabric of earth’s magic by offering the bodies of dead mages to the demons, thus creating fearsome demon mages. These demon mages have the ability to withstand any magical attack. As she struggles to journey through the treacherous mainland, and return home in time to save her siblings, Zo is unaware that Vindha has sent a demon mage to kill her – and thereby condemn her siblings to an inevitable death.

Sabine’s Note: Here is a short excerpt from one of the review. “Sabine Reed has written a very exciting fantasy novel which contains a noble quest, an evil power-hungry king, powerful tribal peoples, a boy prophet named Leo, and myriad adventures.”
A big thank you to all those who have read the book, and reviewed it. And if you haven’t read it, download a sample now.
Happy Reading!




Interview with fantasy author Martin F. Hengst

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So as I announced a few days ago, all of my posts after February 2013 got lost after the hacking attempt on my website (curse you, hackers), I am now slowly putting up some of the more popular posts back. This is an interview I did with fantasy author Martin F. Hengst in April 2013. Currently his first fantasy book The Last Sword Mage is No. 10 in the Amazon Sword and Sorcery category, and his second book The Darkest Hour is No. 20 in the same category.

So here is the interview (republished):

Today I bring you another author interview. And I am really happy to introduce to you Martin F. Hengst. Sure, many of you may not have heard of him now, but mark my words, all those fantasy readers would have heard of him in a few months’ time. His books are amazing. His fantasy book, The Last Swordmage, first in his Swordmage trilogy was released in December 2012, and is already at #32 rank in Amazon’s fantasy category. The second book, The Darkest Hour, was released in March 2013 and is ranked at number 30.

the last swordmage

What an amazing accomplishment by a new, self-published writer!

So here is an unedited version of his interview.

Q. Tell us a bit about your fantasy The Swordmage trilogy?

The Swordmage Trilogy follows Tiadaria, a young woman sold into slavery by her father, on her travels as she becomes, all unwitting, the last swordmage. In The Last Swordmage we meet Tiadaria and follow her adventures as she’s rescued from execution by a retired soldier and taught to be a fighter. Tiadaria’s adventures continue in The Darkest Hour  where she must use all she has learned to continue the battle against the Xarundi and their hunger for domination. In The Pegasus’s Lament, the final installment of the trilogy, due out later this year, Tiadaria must face some of the most challenging personal decisions she’s ever had to make in her quest to ensure the safety of Solendrea and its people.


Q. How did you come up with the world of Solendrea where your stories are set?

The people, places, and things in the world of Solendrea have been with me for more than twenty years. I began the imagining when I was in high school and over the years I’ve gotten to know the people well enough to finally start putting down their stories on paper. Solendrea is a wild and magical place and I’m glad that others get to come along with me on my journey of discovery.

Q. Do you plan to release more stories set in the same world?

Absolutely. I currently have plans for at least six more novels and an anthology of short stories, all set in Solendrea and sharing threads to form a common tapestry.

Q. Why did you decide to self-publish the books?

I primarily write for my own self-enjoyment. That others seem to enjoy the places and characters I’ve created has been a wonderful and pleasant surprise. I chose to self-publish because it gives me complete creative control over what I release and when. I’m not limited by having to pitch new ideas, wait for them to be accepted (or rejected!), then go through publishing, marketing, etc. Self-publishing has also been a wonderful experience in learning to do things like copy editing (of which I still have much to learn) and formatting, and so on.

Q. Currently your books are only available on kindle. When do you plan to release the books on other formats?

Part of my marketing strategy was to utilize the Kindle Select program early on to generate interest and reviews for the books. My participation in the Kindle Select program comes to an end in the middle of June, so it is likely that you could see different formats available as early as late June/early July. Additionally, that is around the time that The Pegasus’s Lament should be ready for publication. Additionally, for those who would like to get their feet wet with the world of Solendrea, but are unable to utilize the Kindle store for whatever reason, my short story, Volinette’s Song, which is based on a young girl’s quest to enter the Acadamy of Arcane Arts and Sciences in Solendrea, is available on Smashwords.

Q. Do you see any advantages of releasing books on KDP select?

I think there are definite advantages to utilizing KDP Select. Especially when you are starting out. Being able to offer a book for free for a day or two as a promotional item to generate buzz and increase interest can be invaluable. That’s predominately how I got my foothold in the market, by generating social media interest and coupling it with a free promotion early in the marketing life cycle. Additionally, what many people don’t know about KDP Select is that Amazon Prime members are able to borrow your books enrolled in KDP Select for free, and you are compensated for those “borrows” out of a Kindle Select fund, so though your royalties may not be as much as they would for a straight sale, you’re still receiving good value for your hard work.

Q. I haven’t seen any evidence of a marketing and promotional strategy and yet your books are in the top forty in the kindle bestsellers. Do you believe a writer can do well without any marketing strategy if his stories are good?

I wouldn’t say that I have no strategy, I would say that it is very much an organic strategy. My marketing comes from asking others to provide their honest reviews, answering every review I receive (positive or negative), and encouraging others to tell their friends and loved ones about the story if they enjoyed it. I like engaging people, and Solendrea is something I’m very passionate about, so I have that working in my favor. As far as a writer doing well without a marketing strategy, I think it helps if the stories are good, but I think its as valuable to have a network of people willing to put themselves out there on your behalf on social media sites to get the word out.

Q. Any advice for new writers?

I have lots of advice, but the most important advice I can offer anyone is this: don’t ever give up. No matter what you write, or how well you write it, there will be people who HATE what you’ve written, and that’s okay. None of us will be loved by all the people, all the time. Don’t let that criticism, no matter how harsh, stop you from creating. Always be creating. Live in your world, love it, and put that life and love into everything you write. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Some things will work, some won’t, but never give up.

And that’s the end of this interview…but certainly not the end of Solendrea, or Martin. I am sure we will be reading many great stories set in this fantastic world. Yes, you have guessed right; I am a fan of his writing already. So here’s a tip from one fantasy reader to another, go and grab your copy of The Last Swordmage at Amazon, or download his free short story.

You can also follow Martin at Twitter or join his facebook fan page. He can also be found on goodreads.

Sabine’s Note: I will putting up some of the older posts soon. Watch this space for more!

Lost all website data

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Just a quick post to let you all know that my website server was hacked, and I lost many posts and updates for the past few months. I will be updating the site again. A few of the old posts will be uploaded again.

Until then, if you have read The Demon Mages, book 1 of The Power of Three Series, please leave a review on goodreads or Amazon. Thank you!

Happy Reading!


Writing Tip # 3

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A protagonist should not go on a journey alone. It would get boring for a reader to only read about the main character’s thoughts and opinions. Dialogue is essential to hook the reader. That is why in most fantasy books, a protagonist has a sidekick travelling with him or her. They engage in conversation, discus issues, fight and allow the reader a glimpse into their world through their words and actions.

Do you have any writing tips you would like to share in this blog? Leave it in the comments, or contact me and I will post it here along with your name and a link to your blog.

Happy Writing!

Publishing Tip # 2

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Once you have accumulated about twenty rejections on your first story, it’s time to move on. You may keep working on that story and re-submitting it, but it’s better to start a second one. In six months you will have another completed story to submit, and you will be slightly better at plotting, characterization and dialogue. Always start writing a new story soon after submitting the last one.

Do you have any publishing tips you would like to share in this blog? Leave it in the comments, or contact me and I will post it here along with your name and a link to your blog.

Happy Writing!

Writing Tip # 2

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Start the story in the middle of some action; a fight, battle, chase, death, etc. Don’t ever show your protagonist sitting in deep thought. It’s a turn off for the agent, editor and reader. You can always give the back story later, in short doses. Readers are intelligent, and you don’t need to spell out each particular thought, or past action, of the main character to make him come alive.

Do you have any writing tips you would like to share in this blog? Leave it in the comments, or contact me and I will post it here along with your name and a link to your blog.

Happy Writing!

Publishing Tip # 1

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Your first story probably will not sell, and second and third might not also. It’s nothing to get disappointed about. Writing has its own learning curve, and the more you write the better you will become. As you write more and more in the same genre, your stories will become increasingly original and complex. Don’t give up despite rejections.

Do you have any publishing tips you would like to share in this blog? Leave it in the comments, or contact me and I will post it here along with your name and a link to your blog.

Happy Writing!

The Unglamorous life of a writer

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Generally people think writers sit for hours lost in complex thoughts as they spin tales worthy of publication. The reality for most writers is far from true. New writers who are just starting on their publication journey tend to have day jobs, or in my case three kids. Writing time has to be carved out of a full daily calendar of jobs, chores and obligations.

On a normal day I might take an hour out while the youngest takes a nap to write. The laptop is always on so that if I get even fifteen minutes during the day I can blog, twitter, peek into Goodreads or check my email. When the story is about to finish I might stay up late to work at double speed to ensure I complete it in time for submission.

Most writers do the same. A few are the ones who have reached that stage of success where they can devote their entire working day to writing and publishing activities. They might even have offices in their home where they spend the day hours pounding at the laptop or giving approval for the galleys or cover art. The luxury of devoting every day to their career is an achievement.

It’s a success they have earned.

And yet even the most famous of writers may have an unglamorous life. He can walk into a restaurant and not be recognized. He can sit with his laptop at a coffee shop and no one will pay any attention. Most of a writer’s struggles and triumphs are internal. And yet it all stems from a deep, abiding love for storytelling.

The urge to write compels all of us to keep at it even when met with continuous rejection and failure.

The road to publication is paved with rejection letters. So if you are on the path to publication, hold on to that thought, and don’t give up. You will get there one day – and until then, happy writing!

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Writing Tip # 1

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Don’t make the story only about the action; the action may force the reader to flip to the next page but it’s the empathy with the protagonist that will convince the reader to finish the book.  Force the protagonist into a difficult and at times impossible situation. Although the reader will almost always know that the protagonist will make the ‘right’ decision, a little bit of uncertainty will motivate them to complete the story.

Do you have any writing tips you would like to share in this blog? Leave it in the comments, or contact me and I will post it here along with your name and a link to your blog.

Happy Writing!

Predictions for publishing Industry for 2013

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It’s that time of the year again; a new beginning. Fresh goals. In order to set new targets for the coming year, one needs to foresee the future. The publishing industry has been rapidly changing for the past five years due to the invention of tablets and e-readers. It’s a wonderful technology that’s shaping the future of reading for generations to come.

Here are my predictions for some things that might happen in the publishing industry in the years 2013 and beyond:

1) More mergers will take place between established and big publishing houses in order to cut costs and to gain economies of scale.

2) Bigger publishing houses will open new digital imprints, such as Random House and Harlequin have already done. This will give a wonderful opportunity to those writers who are not as yet ready to self-publish. Digital imprints have lower costs, can provide a greater variety of genre fiction to readers and provide solid editing and marketing supports. Publishing market share will be won and lost in the e-publishing world in the next five years until things settle down.

3) E-book prices will reduce. Established writers might still be able to claim 7-8 dollars but as more and more digital imprints crowd the shelves, newer writers (self-published or digital publisher published) will have to sell at 2-4 dollars range in order to capture the readers.

4)  Print publishing will reduce until its share of the market is about 20%, and no more. E-books will be the norm and print books will occupy a niche market.

5) Print bookstores will close. E-bookstores will also close, as e-market consolidates around a few big established players such as Amazon, Nook store, Kobo and iBookstore. All e-book stores will start to carry self-published books in order to offer a greater variety to readers.

All these changes indicate that the time is ripe for a writer who wishes to establish his identity. Write, write and write, without compromising on quality. Sell, sell and sell. Even if you make no headway in the beginning, persistence and patience will pay off.

Happy Writing!

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