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The Power of Three

Many fantasy writers have used number three in some significant way in their writing. Nora Roberts has quite a few fantasy series with three main protagonists, for example, the Key trilogy and the Three Sisters Island trilogy. Many writers use three quests, or three charms in their stories. Historically, the number three has always been used by fantasy writers.

The significance of number three in magic or Wicca can’t be overstated. In fact, the number three is considered powerful in many religions. Christianity has the Holy Trinity, Buddhism has the triple Bodhi, Hindus have the Trimurti, and the wiccans have the Three Fates or the Triple Goddesses.

Strictly in terms of Wicca, the Triple Goddesses are aligned with the three phases of the moon; waning, waxing and full.

1)      The Maiden represents new beginnings, that is, the waxing moon.

2)      The Mother represents stability and power of life, that is, the full moon.

3)      The Crone represents endings and death, that is, the waning moon.

Many superstitions have been based around the number three: if you say a thing three times, it will come to pass. If you dream about an animal three times, then that is your totem animal (a Native American belief).

My fantasy series, The Power of Three, doesn’t strictly follow the Wiccan rules. For me, the power of three emerges from the three siblings, each one of whom is a protagonist in one of the books of the series. In The Demon Mages, Zo, one of the twin sisters, an air and fire mage, has to complete a quest in order to save her siblings from certain death.

In the second book, The Warrior Mage (soon to be released), the other sister Alicia, an air and earth mage, has to battle innumerable odds to destroy the power source of the main villain. And in the third and final book, The Water Mage, their brother Seve, has to use all his cunning and tactical ability to annihilate the army of the villain Vindha.

The power of three in this series comes from the unity of the siblings. It stems from their deep, abiding loyalty towards each other and from their utter devotion and commitment to do the best and be the best at whatever they do. One sibling is alone, two are untied and three together are powerful. And that is the beauty of number three in this series The Power of Three.

Numbers alone are meaningless in stories. It is a writer’s imagination and creativity that gives them significance.

If you have not read The Demon Mages, book 1 in The Power of Three series, download a sample now from Amazon kindle, and see how you like it.

The Demon Mages, Book 1 of The Power of Three Series

So I just realized that I lost all old posts related to my fantasy ebook The Demon Mages, book 1 in The Power of Three Series. In case you missed seeing the amazing cover on the sidebar, here is it:

The Demon Mages

The cover was designed by LFD Designs.

Here is the blurb of the book. You can buy it on Amazon UK and Amazon USA. It’s only available on kindle right now. I have got some fantastic reviews of the book on Amazon kindle USA.

The Demon Mages

Magic born from the elements, a reluctant heroine, mages, demons, prophecies, a political plot to murder a king and the world at the brink of a major upheaval. And in the midst of all this, a sister’s quest to save her brother’s life.Living on the peaceful island Iram, Zo knows little of the troubles brewing on the mainland. But when her brother Seve is poisoned, and her twin sister Alicia halts his slow but fateful progress towards death with an ancient binding spell, thereby subjecting herself to the same horrific death, Zo has no choice but to travel to the mainland to procure the flower of rosem, a crucial ingredient in the antidote for the poison. 

What she doesn’t know is that king Vindha on the mainland has threatened the fabric of earth’s magic by offering the bodies of dead mages to the demons, thus creating fearsome demon mages. These demon mages have the ability to withstand any magical attack. As she struggles to journey through the treacherous mainland, and return home in time to save her siblings, Zo is unaware that Vindha has sent a demon mage to kill her – and thereby condemn her siblings to an inevitable death.

Sabine’s Note: Here is a short excerpt from one of the review. “Sabine Reed has written a very exciting fantasy novel which contains a noble quest, an evil power-hungry king, powerful tribal peoples, a boy prophet named Leo, and myriad adventures.”
A big thank you to all those who have read the book, and reviewed it. And if you haven’t read it, download a sample now.
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