The Spiritist

My urban fantasy novel The Spiritist is now available on Amazon. Here are the store links for US and UK.


Book Blurb:

Aerilyn Mathews is a staid and beautiful businesswoman who manages a successful shop in the heart of a picturesque beach town. She has numerous friends, is well-liked and loves exchanging town gossip over a cup of coffee. Of course, given her winning personality, her neighbors tend to ignore the fact that she is a spiritist who can talk to the dead. When she is contacted by Joan who wants to talk to her dead son, Aerilyn finds it hard to turn her down.

What she doesn’t know is that this simple request would turn her well-planned life upside down.

Cole Hudson, the CEO of Hudson Security, finds himself intrigued by this charlatan who has ensnared Joan with her wicked lies. When Aerilyn alleges that Thomas was murdered and didn’t commit suicide as was ruled by the coroner, he knows he must do everything to stop her fraudulent claims. A murder attempt on Aerilyn, an encounter with an extremely pissed-off ghost, and a look into the underbelly of New York’s drug mafia changes his mind – and how.

Now, Cole and Aerilyn must work together to uncover the secrets that shadow Thomas’s death – and prevent a hired assassin from putting a bullet in her head.

Happy Reading!


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